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The Objective of the Fund

• The NWM Momentum Fund (the “Fund”) seeks long-term capital appreciation.

The Principal Investment Strategies and Policies of the Fund

• The NWM Momentum Fund is a mutual fund that, under normal market conditions, invests in a group of exchange traded funds (“ETFs”), exchange traded notes (“ETNs”) and/or money market funds. The underlying ETFs generally invest in, and the underlying ETNs generally track indices related to, fixed income securities, equity securities, real estate investment trusts (“REITs”), and commodities. REITs may offer investors greater liquidity and diversification than direct ownership of properties.

• The Adviser’s screening process begins with a review of the strongest recent “risk off” investments relative to other “risk off” investments. The Adviser determines if a cash position, short duration Treasury ETF/ETN, or long duration Treasury ETF/ETN is most favorable based on the Adviser’s screening model. The Adviser then compares the strongest “risk off” investment to ETFs that hold equity securities and ETNs that track equities securities, REITs and commodities. In order to buy a “risk on” investment, that “risk on” investment must be showing recent relative strength versus the strongest “risk off” instrument based on the Adviser’s proprietary screening model at set intervals during the month. The Adviser’s sells “risk on” investments when the strongest “risk off” ETF is showing greater recent relative strength versus the particular “risk on” investment based on the Adviser’s screening model at set intervals during the month.

• Examples of the ETFs and ETNs that the Fund may hold include ETFs that hold, and/or ETNs that track domestic equities, foreign securities, ADRs, emerging markets, commodities, fixed income securities and REITs. ETNs are a type of unsecured, unsubordinated debt security. The Fund’s investment strategy may cause it to purchase ETFs and ETNs that have growth or value style investing, and the Fund may invest in ETFs that hold and ETNs that track indices that are comprised of small and medium sized companies. There are no limits on the amount of the Fund’s assets that may be invested in ETFs, ETNs and/or cash investments at any one time. Additionally, the Fund may be fully invested, partially invested or fully in cash or cash equivalents at any time. The Fund may engage in short-term trading.

• The Fund may invest in other securities as described in the Statement of Additional Information, which is available upon request.

Minimum Investments



Regular Account $5,000 $100  x
IRA / Roth IRA $1,000 $100    
Automatic Investment Plan $1,000 $100*x
*An Automatic Investment Plan is available for both regular and retirement accounts.  It requires a $100 minimum automatic monthly or quarterly investment.





Past Performance Is No Guarantee Of Future Results
Please Read The Prospectus Carefully Before You Invest Or Send Money